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Sims' Bar-B-Que
provides catering for practically any occasion, including parties, receptions, reunions, and corporate functions.  Listed below is our Expanded Catering Menu that you can select from to create a custom menu for your event.  If it's not on our Expanded Catering Menu listed below or listed on our Standard Catering Menu, ask us about it. 

Expanded Catering Menu

Appetizers: Side Dishes:
-Smoked Salmon with Garlic Cheese Spread -Potato Salad
  and Vegetable Crackers -Green Salad
-Brazed Shrimp with dipping sauce -Pasta Salad
-Crab Dip with French Bread -Seafood Pasta Salad
-Meatballs in Sims' Special Sauce -Baked Beans
-Fruit Platter -Chili Beans
  -Green Beans
Entrees: -Yams/Sweet Potatoes
-Deep Fried Turkey -Jambalaya
-Deep Fried Catfish  
-Deep Fried Red Snapper Bread:
-Blackened Catfish -Dinner Rolls
-Smothered Brisket -Corn Bread Muffins
-Smoked Brisket -Corn Bread Squares
-Smoked Tri Tip -Garlic Bread
-Smoked Salmon -French Bread
-Smoked Ham  
-Honey Glazed Ham Beverages:
-Smoked Ribs -Iced Tea
-Smoked Chicken -Lemonade
-Smoked Mild and Hot Links -Punch (various flavors)
-Jambalaya -Sodas
Desserts: -Beer
-Wedding Cake  
-Peach Cobbler Equipment:
-Sweet Potato Pie -Standard
-Red Velvet Cake -Luxury


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